Relationship Signs Of Spiritual Compatability Between Couples

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  • Relationship Signs: Finding The Right Person
  • Relationship Signs: How To Know Both Partners Are Spiritually Compatable Or Not

Relationship signs of spiritual compatability between couples  is finding your true match and being together forever, but only if both persons are mentally and spiritually supportive of the other’s mission in life.

Love is a very powerful energy, an unmistakable energy. We all hope to find that one true person that we not just like but also have Spiritual Compatability. Love without compatibility or connection will be very devastating in a relationship. There are various Relationship Signs to know if we are in a good match or connection with our partner.

What you must know is that all human relationships are first bounded by spiritual connection. Whether it is romantic, friendship or casual relationship etc. There must first be a spiritual connection, because there is a particular force field that surrounds every human being when it comes to certain areas of their life.


Relationship Signs: Finding The Right Person

Spiritual Compatability, finding the right person begins with you and your Mental Universe: How you think, your perception of life, and your innate desire. We all have the ability and force to call forth the right person who ought to be apart of our life in an impactful way, but you must be mentally and spiritually ready for that person.

One of the Relationship Signs of finding the right person might be upon meeting each other, life takes a turn for the better. If one or the other didn’t have a job before, a job or several offers springs up. If one or the other had any health issues, but now it begins to improve, then he/she has found his soulmate or Earthly counterpart.

Life flourishes because of the amount of light the union has created, Compatibility can become so extreme that persons merge into the same career path this is because the two stars have now become one, so they will now share things in common as both journeys have merged and now become extremely impactful.

You will have telepathic communications without realizing it. Either he/she appears or calls just when you were thinking of them. There is also always a ‘togetherness’ with you two. You do most things together, you will find yourselves finishing your sentences. Both persons will have a deep feeling of loyalty to each other, whatever one prays for, the other will manifest it. This are signs of Spiritual Compatability.

We all have the ability and force to call forth the right person. Anonymous

Relationship Signs: How To Know Both Partners Are Spiritually Compatable Or Not

Now, there are those whose Stars match regardless of the other’s feeling. This means that the moment they come together, Relationship Signs like fast development or progress in life will take place. Even if the guy was on top of the world, he still climbs higher, and same for the woman. This is a spiritual compatibility – when both partners progress because of their union, there is also Spiritual Compatability when two individual stars, or light, comes together, that light should become brighter.

When you are into a new relationship, if you or your partner have moved moved backwards – it is a sign of spiritual incompatibility.

Spiritual compatibility bring happiness, success, security, etc. Others that come around you will feel the love that emanates from both of you. Both people will be happy together regardless of what they have, they are just satisfied with each other in every possible way.

However, there is another indication of Spiritual Incompatibility, If both persons enter the relationship and one of them was doing very well in life, but sunddenly things begin to change for worse.  (e.g. job loss, health decline, bad news, social awkwardness, family problems, deaths, anything negative) especially in the area of prosperity.

If one person begins to lose while the other begins to gain, what is happening here is that, spiritually, one person is sucking the glory of the other one. This is, of course, unbeknownst to them. If either persons notices that one of them is flourishing while the other is stagnant, then this relationship should not go froward without checking spiritually.  Most often, it is the stars that do not agree.

Every person on this Earth was born with a certain amount of light. Some people have blinding bright lights, others have dim lights, and this depends on how great or impactful your mission on Earth is. Some people have particularly dominant stars, so imagine a car coming down the road with extremely blinding headlights that reach far and wide – imagine this quality in a single person.

Often times, there is a spiritual battle between two people in a relationship which will manifest as physical misunderstanding. Such as Strong feeling of love for each other, but cannot just flow along with each other, odd arguments for odd reasons not realizing why, one irritating the other’s spirit or vice versa, no strong feeling of commitment regardless of marriage, one or both having the urge to cheat or be deceptive, jealousy, over possessiveness, insecurity, low self-esteem etc.

The physical quarrels and misunderstanding is a veil in disguise.  What is actually happening is that spiritually two spirits are at odds, one star is brighter than the other and there is no Spiritual Compatability. For a relationship to work, your stars must be aligned, not only Astrological stars, but spiritual stars. Again, it is possible to find the one you have chosen to be with on Earth, even if that person is in the U.S. and you are Africa.

It is not hard to find your soulmate in this life, but it does take some mental discipline. There are some of us here on this planet that are actually meant to assist every human being we meet, lover or friend. However, when we do get involved with someone, automatically because of our light, that person will begin to rise. In this relationship, that person now becomes our helper and will continue in the relationship only if he/she is confident and true. So in everything, try your best to display a good character. It matters in areas of your life that you wouldn’t believe.


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